Location Map
Sundy Village is positioned at the heart of downtown Delray Beach. It serves as a prime gateway to Atlantic Avenue, a vibrant corridor teaming with upscale dining, hotels, shops, and entertainment options. The project promises to be a standout in the area, offering top-notch amenities and a mix of retail and office spaces.

What sets Sundy Village apart is its strategic location. It’s less than a mile from Interstate 95 and boasts a large underground parking garage with 268 spaces, providing tenants and guests easy access to the interstate while still being within walking distance of all the attractions in downtown Delray Beach.
Region Map
Unprecedented Population Growth:
Since 2010, the population within a 3-mile radius has increased by 11.6%, and 15.4% within the 5-mile radius.
Source ESRI
Strong Migration Trends Drive Retail Performance:
A favorable business climate and low tax environment have driven outsized population and employment growth and will continue as a catalyst for the area’s office market.
Source Forbes, 2022